The idea for this page is an old one that dates back to the early ninties long before internet was what it is today. When I started collecting records for real I wanted a way to keep track of my collection so I started to catalog my records in a Access database and then moved on to an homemade application written in Delphi. There has also been several versions of this collection in Excel.

There was an early static version of the collection in pure html sometime around 1995 but that became too cumbersome to maintan. I tried several scripting languages for the site, Perl and ASP to name a couple but they never suited my needs or the tutorials online where lacking. Then I found Leigh MacKay's site phpvideotutorials and started learning php. The have been several tries to get the page online but now finally 10 years after I started there is a version online not only just containing my record collection but also all my books, movies and games. The site is built using Taylor Otwell's Laraval and with the outstanding tutorials from laracasts.com.