Database Design (Part 2)

Published: 2022-02-26 Author: Tray2

This is a continuation of my earlier post on Database Design. This time I will talk about some nuts and bolts in a database, and how many of them can help, and sometimes even break your application

Recommended Web Development Courses

Published: 2021-11-14 Author: Tray2

Just a small collection of recommended courses for web developers.

The value of a good database model

Published: 2021-11-13 Author: Tray2

You might think that the way your store your data isn't really that important. Well it's more important than you think it is. A good database design just like good clean code is the key to performance, not only for the end user but also for you the developer. A poor database model just like poorly written code will slow you down and furthermore it will slow your database queries down which results in a slow application. Just like with the SOLID principles there are some things to consider when developing a database model.

Common SQL errors for Laravel Developers

Published: 2021-11-13 Author: Tray2

Why write this little guide since Laravel uses Eloquent to talk to the database? The answer is simple, the errors the database returns are SQL errors and if you don't know how to interpret them then your life as a developer will be harder.

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